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frequently asked questions

Got a burning question? Then take a look at our FAQ section first. Chances are you'll find your answer right here.

What is the advantage of purchasing a template?

One of the biggest advantages of buying a template is the price. A template costs around $24-$79. Considering a custom website costs around $2000-$5000, buying a template is a pretty sweet deal. the second advantage is the time frame. Why wait weeks or even months for a fully developed custom website if you can start right away?

How many times can i use my template?

All templates sold on the Webflow marketplace come with a single-use license. This means you can only use your new template once.

Can I re-use the images used in my template?

Yes, you can. All imagery used in our templates are completely royalty free, including for commercial purposes. Images that might contain copyright will be replaced with a placeholder image in the template you buy.

do these templates support cMS Functionality?

All templates marked with the "CMS"-icon support CMS Functionality. With this feature, you can (for example) write your own blog posts and categorize them by the categories and blog authors defined by you. You can find more information on CMS content with the Webflow CMS video course.

Why webflow?

Webflow is the most stable platforms for developing websites, portfolios and small stores. Every new feature is tested to ensure it works as it should. The designer is very user-friendly and flexible. You can make almost anything you can think of. The big advantage of the designer is that you can easily develop and edit your website in a visual canvas. Is the designer too complicated? Then buy a template and change the text and imagery with the editor. Beside the amazing features, Webflow also is much cheaper than it's competitors. No need to buy dozens of plugins and struggling with compatibility. Webflow already comes with the essential features you need to get started. Check out this article to learn more about the real cost of WordPress.